Powerstroke Specialist Inc ensures that employees are committed to quality of work, top notch customer service, and future trusting relationships with customers are instilled and paramount. We are proud to serve Grand Junction, CO  and the surrounding areas. Powerstroke Specialist Inc prides ourselves on the services we provide & experience in the automotive industry & we can take on a wide range of projects. Our services include: maintenance, repairs, performance and  after market components. Our other specialties include:

AC Repair | Auto Repair | Performance Mods
Head Gasket Installation | Suspension Mods and Lift Kits
Off Road Packages | Exhaust Systems
Bullet Proofing | Diags

When you’ve been taking care of vehicles for customers as long as Powerstroke Specialist Inc has, you come to appreciate variety. They welcome all makes and models, and see each vehicle as a new and exciting challenge. Given the automotive industry is ever changing, and continually presents more complexity as technology advances; Powerstroke Specialist Inc is thrilled to take on new challenges. We pride ourselves on are skills and knowledge, and are eager to undertake repairs on classic to late-model vehicles.

We are your one stop shop!